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Improve Profits / Enrich People: 


Tom Zender

        Tom Zender              rev. Marla Riegel       

May 5, 2011

12:30 PT, 1:30 MT, 2:30 CT, 3:30 ET

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Creating a spiritual workplace environment:

* Makes your organization a great place to work

* Leads to higher productivity

* Enhances creativity

* Sparks significant innovation.


Groundbreaking author Tom Zender says “There is visible evidence that a spiritual investment throughout an organization realizes very high returns from people and for people and on the balance sheet.”  

Tom, a Business Executive and CEO emeritus of Unity is our guest for The Inspired Business Center’s May 5thTele-seminar

"Improve Profits/Enrich Lives! The Economic Power of a Spiritual Work Environment”

Host Rev. Marla Riegel is Founder and Director of the Inspired Businss Center whose focus is on  Spirituality, Leadership and Profitability.  She has been mentoring business owners and executives nationally and internationally for over 20 years. 

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In his book God Goes to Work: New Thought Paths to Prosperity and Profits, Tom emphasizes the importance of a Spiritual Environment where employees are highly motivated, connected and achieving their highest potential. 

“A Spiritual Environment is indeed the most natural state that great business, economic expansion and the most effective people in the world can operate within.” 

Join us for the tele-seminar Thursday, May 5 at 1:30 p.m. Mountain Time. 

Here's what you'll learn:

* The key characteristics of a spiritual environment

* The management attitudes and behaviors that encourage and foster a spiritual environment

* How a spiritual environment can impact your bottom line

As a participant you’ll also receive a 7- step spiritual tool kit of practical steps you can take to immediately enhance your life, the life of your employees and, ultimately the culture of your workplace. 

The Seminar is COMPLIMENTARY, but you must register to participate! 

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 Take your organization to the edge of their working potential.

Adopt spiritually based integrity at work.

Inspire others to work harder, faster, and with greater innovation.

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Book Endorsements for God Goes to Work

by Tom Zender  

Tom’s understanding of both spirituality  and business has led him to the knowledge that the two are not separate entities—they are two sides of the same coin, and he deftly shows their integration in this timely book.

Deepak Chopra


God Goes to Work offers a wonderful guide out of financial or career despair, showing us how to change our circumstances by changing our worldview. Zender explains how to leap ahead of the field by taking the most important leap of all: recognizing the power of your spirit to create breakthroughs you might not have ever thought possible.

Marianne Williamson New York Times best selling author of A Return to Love


This is the book we've been waiting for! Just when today's business models are buckling under the speed of change, Tom Zender offers us a fresh light of hope. Through a powerful marriage of theory and practical application, Zender shows us how the very principles that govern nature, and even life itself, can also guide business and management, as well! God Goes to Work reminds us that to experience the power of the cosmos in the workplace, we must first invite it into each moment of our lives!

Gregg Braden New York Times bestselling author of Fractal Time

Former Technical Operations Manager for Cisco Systems 



A revelatory book that brilliantly illustrates the unity of business and spiritual principles with rich insight and wisdom.  Given the challenges of these times, Zender’s contribution is poignant and extremely valuable.

Michael Bernard Beckwith Author of Spiritual Liberation ~ Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential


Sustainable, high performance organizations are built upon a foundation of high ethical standards, transparency and the power of the human spirit.  Tom’s book articulates well the principles necessary to create a business culture and value system that attracts great talent and provides the supportive environment for individuals to successfully collaborate, innovate and deliver great results.  This book is a must read for anyone who aspires to be a great leader and build a world class company.

Fred D. Anderson Founding Partner and Managing Director of Elevation Partners

Former CFO of Apple


The World Business Academy conducted its first seminar on Spirituality in Business at the Stanford Research Institute’s International Hall in 1986. From that day to this, we have been engaged in an ongoing inquiry into the nature of spirituality and theimplications of its existence as a meta frame or macro lens for business. Tom Zender’s book God Goes To Work is the most recent eloquent addition to that analysis that bears the twin marks of great exposition of essential truth, combined with practical wisdom on how to apply the awareness of that essential truth to the workplace.

Rinaldo S. Brutoco Founder, President & CEO of The World Business Academy


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